Event volunteers

Without the support of our many hundreds of dedicated volunteers, the OstseeMan Triathlon Glücksburg would not be possible. We invite everyone to become part of our great team and help to make the event unforgettable for all athletes and spectators.

Many of the helpers have been involved for many years and come together again every year in Glücksburg. Together we ensure that everything runs smoothly and that the Tritahlon is an unforgettable experience for participants, spectators, partners, sponsors and media representatives. We are happy to complement the teams and stations with new people, whom we warmly welcome into the OstseeMan family.

Let’s work together to ensure that the event remains unforgettable for all athletes and spectators and offers them a unique experience. Just get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page. As a volunteer you will receive a team shirt and food during your service (free entrance to the pasta party included). A list of teams/stations and tasks can be found on our website. We are looking forward to your registration!

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Stations and activities







Wolfgang Kessler
Sven Christensen

Build the basis of the event together with us. Thereby you are responsible for various tasks of the construction and/or dismantling of the event area (grids, tents, bike stands, finish, equipment etc.).

Thursday, 01. August –

Monday , 05. August


Valerie Marcinczak

Do you like working in contact with people? Then the registration is the right place for you. You will check the documents to be presented by the athletes (ID and start passport) and you will be responsible for handing out the starting documents to the participants of the OstseeMan and the Charity Run.

Friday, 02. August
1200 – 1900 hrs.

Saturday, 03. August
1000 – 1800 hrs.

Transition Zone

Silke Waldmann

Susanne & Jane Engel

Ensure that all athletes experience a smooth flow during the event and be responsible for bike check-in and transition bags in the transition area.

Saturday, 03. August
1430 – 1800 hrs.

Sunday, 04. August
0500 – 2230 hrs.

Aid Stations Bike & Run Course

Broder Hansen

Experience triathlon up close! Before and during the event you will prepare the food for the athletes and hand out drinks, bottles, food and sponges for the athletes together with your station assistants.

Sunday, 04. August
0600 – 2200 hrs.
(different times for the different stations)

Finisher-Shirts & Streetwear Bag

Herbert Beneke

Take care of a smooth after-race procedure. You help with the distribution of the finisher shirts and the return of the streetwear bags to the athletes.

Sunday, 04. August
1300 – 2230 hrs.

Drop off Streetwear Bag

Herbert Beneke

With you, the athletes’ personal belongings are in good hands. To take away one less worry before the competition, you are responsible for receiving and sorting the street wear bags of the athletes.

Sunday, 04. August
0500 – 0930 hrs.

Finish Medal

Greta Jung

Be the first one at the finish line to congratulate the athletes. You will be responsible for handing out the finisher medals.

Sunday, 04. August
1300 Uhr – 2200 hrs.

Info Point

Valerie Marcinczak

You are the point of contact for all questions. Whether athletes, visitors or residents, when it comes to information about the event, people come to you.

Friday, 02. August
1200 – 1900 hrs.

Saturday, 03. August
1000 – 1800 hrs.

Sunday, 04. August
0500 – 1500 hrs.

Athletes Garden

Ursel Husen

You want to work close to the athletes and give them the best food? Then help us with the preparation and serving of drinks and food after the finish in the Athletes Garden.

Sunday, 04. August
1000 – 2200 hrs.

Pasta Party

Greta Jung

You support the team at the Pasta Party and make sure that the athletes and visitors get enough food and drinks.

Friday, 02. August
1600 – 2100 hrs.


Valerie Marcinczak

You enjoy consulting and selling clothes and accessories? Then the sale of the new merchandise collection is just the right thing for you. Here you will help the athletes and visitors to take home the right souvenir.

Friday, 02. August
1200 – 1900 hrs.

Samstag, 03. August
1000 – 1800 hrs.

Sonntag, 04. August
0500 – 1500 hrs.

Quellental Charity Run

Tim Häuslein

You will guide the participants of the Charity Run into the right course and help as a marshal to mark the course.

Saturday, 04. August
1645 – 1730 hrs.


Wolfgang Hopf

The OstseeKids is organized independently by TriAs Flensburg e.V. – Triathlon. You can find more information here.

Saturday, 04. August
1200 – 1400 hrs.


  • Bundeswehr Reservists Flensburg
  • Voluntary fire department Glücksburg
  • Volunteer fire department Rüde
  • Volunteer fire department Bockholm
  • Volunteer fire department Flensburg-Engelsby
  • Volunteer fire department Tarup
  • Volunteer Fire Department Jürgensby
  • THW Sörup
  • Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe e.V.
  • Glücksburg police station
  • DLRG local group Glücksburg
  • TSV Munkbrarup
  • TSV Lindewitt
  • Mürwiker Werkstätten
  • SAT Straßensanierung GmbH
  • Elektro Erichsen
  • Dammann Absperrungen
  • Motorcycle squad (Michael Günther


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