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The OstseeMan Triathlon will take place on Sunday, 04 August 2024. Already on Friday and Saturday, among other things, the registration, check-in and the OstseeKids and Frauenlauf powered by LBS will take place.

Each team consists of participants of the same gender. The three best participants of a club will be scored. An additional team registration by name is therefore not necessary. However, the club must be indicated in the registration with the same name, including any abbreviations.

There is a possibility that one of the remaining starters will take over this part or a new starter will be named (we have set up a relay exchange). In both cases, a new waiver or release of liability will be required from the replacement starters. In case of changes in registrations, a flat administrative fee of 30 EUR per transaction will be charged.


You can find the costs for the participation here.

  • All organizational processes that are necessary for the OstseeMan
  • Access to the Pasta Party
  • Athletes Guide
  • Food at the aid stations on race day
  • Athletes gift
  • Finisher T-Shirt
  • Finisher medal
  • Athletes Garden with refreshments and catering

Yes, also for the online registration of relays the signatures of all three participants on the release of liability are mandatory. The relay signature form can be downloaded from the homepage here and must be completed and signed in triplicate and sent to Time2Win. Failure to submit the release of liability will result in an email request. The signatures must be submitted within 14 days. Otherwise the registration will be cancelled.


The OstseeMan Triathlon is held on the long distance and middle distance as individual and relay. In addition, there are other classification groups such as the Military Challenge.

The long distance has the following course lengths:

  • Swimming: 3.8 km in the Baltic Sea
  • Cycling: 180 km in the Glücksburg area
  • Running: 42.2 km along the coast

The middle distance has the following course lengths:

  • Swimming: 1.9 km in the Baltic Sea
  • Cycling: 90 km in the Glücksburg area
  • Running: 21,1 km along the coast

Time limit

Start: 6:45 h.

Swim: 2:10 h
Swim and bike: 09:30 h
Swim, bike and run: 15:00 h

Start: 09:15h

  • Swim: 1:10h
  • Swim and bike: 05:30h
  • Swim, bike run: 08:00h


There is a possibility to test the swimming course in advance. The DLRG will install additional marker buoys. In addition, there is the possibility to test the course under competition conditions on the race weekend.

On the left of the starting block you can swim in. It is important here that one goes later through the official starting arch into the starting block. In addition, there is the possibility of a swim-in phase in the starting area before the start.

Wetsuits are allowed for athletes up to a water temperature of 24.5 degrees. The average water temperature is between 20 and 23 degrees. In case of a pronounced neoprene ban, swimming suits with rubber and/or neoprene parts/coatings are also prohibited. The final regulation will be announced one hour before the start.

All athletes must wear the official swimming cap, which they will receive at registration.

If the timing chip is lost at any time during the race, it is the athlete’s responsibility to speak to an official in the transition area. The official will provide a replacement chip.

The swim start will be a “mass start”. Before the start, the athletes must pass the swimming arch and go over the timing mat to register in the system for the race. Entering the start area from the side is not allowed and will result in a disqualification. The middle distance will be additionally divided in the starting block according to starting times.

The course is a lap course and is given by buoys and is swum clockwise.


When you come to check-in your bike, helmet and bags must have your race numbers on them. You must have your helmet on and your race number on.

No, all athletes must register in person and hand in their bike and bags. A photo ID will be required when picking up the documents at the registration desk. Bike drop-off must be done the day before the race. Bike drop-off is no longer possible on race day.

You will have access to your blue and yellow bag on race day morning. You have access to your bike to put your water bottle and food there. There is also the possibility to inflate your tires.

Yes, you must have your helmet closed before you take the bike off the stand. It must remain closed until you have put your bike back in the bike stand after the bike course. Changing is only allowed in the changing tents.

The bikes in the long distance individual and relay must be picked up until 22:30 on the day of the competition. After that there will be no more guarding.

The bikes in the middle distance individual and relay must be picked up until 19:00 on the day of the competition. After that there will be no guarding.

Run & Finish

The finish line and grandstands are located directly on the promenade on the event grounds.

A results list can be viewed online on our homepage. During the race, intermediate times can also be viewed here. Appeals can be submitted to the arbitration court on site up to 30 minutes after publication of the provisional results. Doping tests will be carried out on the male and female winners and on additional randomly selected athletes*.

Each participant is obliged to return the timing transponder to the organizer’s return points after the end of the race.

Return points are located in the info tent and in the catering area (marked by signs). If the transponder is not returned, the organizer will charge a fee of EUR 50.00 which will be invoiced to the participant by the organizer.

If the transponder cannot be returned immediately after the event for an important reason, it can be returned by mail to the organizer’s address until 14 days after the event.

Aid Station

Aid stations on the bike course will provide the following:

  • Squeezy Iso Drinks
  • Squeezy Energy Gel*
  • Squeezy Bar
  • Water
  • Bananas (cut into small pieces)

*Flavors range from Lemon to Raspberry to Peach Orange to Salty Caramel.

Aid stations on the run course will provide the following:

  • Squeezy Iso Drink
  • Squeeze Energy Gel*
  • Squeezy Bar
  • Water
  • Coke
  • Bananas (chopped)
  • Bouillon
  • Salted Pretzels

*Flavors range from Lemon to Raspberry to Peach Orange to Salty Caramel.

The organizer explicitly points out that the athlete is responsible for providing or taking his/her own food.

The self-catering bike can be served approx. 400m before the VP Sandwig, at the parking lot Paulinenallee/ Schweinewald, in an area of 100m.
The self-supply running can be handed out approx. 200m before the finish area, at the Hanseatische Yachtschule, in an area of 50m.

Any delivery outside the zones marked by the organizer can be punished with a disqualification according to the sport rules as unauthorized acceptance of help.

The Athletes Garden is a rest area for all participants in the finish area. Here are the rest and relaxation areas and the distribution of the “After Race Catering”. Only athletes, medical staff and helpers of the OstseeMan have access to the Athletes Garden.


  • Blue bag: This bag is for your cycling equipment. This includes your helmet, race number and all items you will need while cycling. After you change, put your swim gear in this bag and drop it in the drop zone.
  • Yellow bag: This bag is for your race gear on the run course. As with the blue bag, you put your cycling gear in this bag after you change and drop it in the drop zone.
  • Black bag: In this bag are your dry clothes, which you need after the race. Also you can put all the things you need after the race (e.g. shower stuff).

The bike, the blue and yellow transition bag must be handed in by the athletes in the transition area on Saturday. Your black transition bag has to be handed in on Sunday before the race at the registration/street wear tent. For more information, please see the schedule.

  • Your race number (this will be uploaded to the website about three weeks before the race and will also be emailed to you).
    A valid photo ID (ID card, passport or driver’s license)
    Triathlon start passport. If you don’t have a triathlon license, you can buy a day license directly at the registration for EUR 30.00.
  • You MUST pick up your documents in person. Your documents will NOT be given to any other person. Your bike can also only be handed over to you personally.
  • The release of liability must be signed by each triathlete and printed out and brought to the registration. Otherwise the starting documents cannot be handed out.

Transition Zone

No objects may be placed on your bike. Cycling shoes, cycling computer and food can be attached to the bike. All additional items, including the helmet, must be placed in the change bag.

The transition area is located in the center of the start-finish area. You can find an overview map here.

Changing rooms are available in the changing area. The transition area is located in the center of the start-finish area. You can find an overview map here.

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