Starter List

OstseeMan Triathlon Glücksburg 2022

Date: 07. August 2022

OstseeMan Marketing und Event GmbH,
Libellenring 6, 24955 Harrislee

Race Director
Reinhard Husen

Competition Rules:
Except for special cases, the event is based mainly on the competition rules of the German Triathlon Union (sports regulations, organizers regulations, Bundesliga rules, anti-doping code, judges’ regulations), as well as the legal and procedural regulations and the disciplinary regulations. By registering, the participant accepts the competition requirements, the legal and procedural regulations, the disciplinary regulations and the general terms and conditions. Each participant is responsible for the technical safety of his equipment and has to ensure it complies with the rules. Special arrangements will be announced at the race briefing.

General Information:
The following terms and conditions regulate the legal relations between the participants and the organizer of the OstseeMan Triathlon Glücksburg. Responsible organizer of the event is the organizing team of OstseeMan Marketing und Event GmbH. The following terms and conditions (AGB‘s) in their valid version at the time of registration or in their current version if it/this is more advantageous for the participants, shall exclusively apply to the business relationship between OstseeMan Marketing und Event GmbH (hereafter organizer) and the participants.

Deviating conditions will not be acknowledged, unless the organizer has expressively consented in writing beforehand.

Individual- and Relay competition:
Race course overview  |  Ranking

Participation is only possible for holders of:

  • triathlon license of his national triathlon federation or
  • one-day license.


A one-day license can be purchased for 30,- EURO upon registration for the event. Individual starters are eligible to start at the age of 18 on the day of the event.

  • The minimum age for participation in the relay competition is
    • Swimming:           14 years
    • Cycling:                 18 years
    • Running:               18 years

Relay registrations do not require triathlon licenses or one-day licenses.

Registration individual competition:

Disclaimer of liability individual longdistance

Online registration only
The entry fee will be withdrawn via direct debit authorization by the service provider Mika timing GmbH. A contract with the organizer will only be made if the starting fee is credited to the account of the organizer and the name of the participant appears on the start list. The start list is available online at

A transfer of the race entry or an exchange of race entries is generally excluded. If a transfer or a change of the race entry is necessary, it is only possible with prior agreement of the organizer.

Registration Relay Competition:

Disclaimer of liability relay longdistance

Online registration only
The entry fee will be withdrawn via direct debit authorization by the service provider Mika timing GmbH. A contract with the organizer will only be made if the starting fee is credited to the account of the organizer and the name of the relay or its participants appears on the start list. The start list is available online at

A transfer of the race entry or an exchange of race entries is generally excluded. If a transfer or a change of the race entry is necessary, it is only possible with prior agreement of the organizer.

Disclaimer of liability
As the person responsible for the relay team, I hereby confirm, that I am fully authorized by all relay participants to register the team in their name. Furthermore, I hereby confirm, that the relay participants have read and accepted the organizer’s waiver and liability exemption.

Mika timing GmbH
Eventservice OstseeMan
Kürtener Str. 11b
51465 Bergisch Gladbach

Bank details
Nord-Ostsee Sparkasse
Konto Nr.: 22 079 875
BLZ: 217 500 00
IBAN: DE90 2175 0000 0022 0798 75

Please enclose a photocopy of the transfer/wire receipt with the registration. In case of payment by third parties, the name of the participant or the relay must be stated on the transfer/wire receipt.

The relay leader agrees to send the disclaimer signed by all relay participants by mail to mika:timing within the following 14 days of the relays’ registration. If no signed disclaimer has been sent within 14 days after registration, the starting registration expires.

If the waiver/release from liability is not presented on time, the registration will not be recognized. If relay participants have not yet reached legal age on the day of the competition and are therefore not fully legally competent, the signature of the legal guardian is also required on the release from liability.

Payment method
The entry fee will be collected by direct debit or credit card (Visa/Mastercard).
Each individual starter and each relay participant is required to pick up their starting documents in person, presenting a valid license and a valid identity card or passport at the registration office or other control-points provided by the organizer. A one-day license can be purchased at the registration office. Relay participants do not require a license.

The registration of an athlete or a relay can be rejected or a starting ban can be issued if an athlete or a relay disturbs the event, behaves in a disruptive manner before the start of the event, violates competition rules or, due to certain behavior that leads to anticipation of further interference. The organizer reserves the right to refuse participation at any time, due to an ongoing doping procedure or a final ban. Furthermore, any violation of the competition rules will lead to disqualification of the participant. Participants who are disqualified for obvious fraud will not be allowed to start for the next two years.

Confirmation of registration:
Each registration will be confirmed by e-mail with a (conditional) information of acceptance or rejection. Further information will be provided by the end of May 2022.

Deadline of registration:  July 10th, 2022 (Late registration is not possible)
Important: As soon as the limit of registrations is reached, the registration lists will be closed.

Entry fee (incl. administrative Costs) OstseeMan113:

Individual entries 360,- Euro early bird per participant until December 24th, 2021
Individual entries 390,- Euro per participant as of December 25th, 2021
Relay entries 380,- Euro early bird per relay until December 24th, 2021
Relay entries 410,- Euro per relay as of December 25th, 2021

The entry fee includes 1,- Euro anti-doping levy per participant.  

Additional fees:

  • One-day license  30,- Euro
  • Pasta-Party-Ticket per additional guest 14,- EUR
    (includes pasta, salad, water, beer, cake, Steinmeier fruit juices)

For every registration, participants of the individual competition are allowed to purchase a maximum of two additional tickets and participants of the relay competition are allowed to purchase a maximum of three additional tickets. Pasta servings are guaranteed until 08:00 pm. After that, any claim expires and servings are provided as long as stocks last.

  • Changes: Requests for changes to the registration will be charged with an administrative fee of 30,- Euro per transaction. Changes can be made until July 10th, 2022. Later changes can solely be requested at registration on the actual competition weekend.

All fees include VAT, licensing and association taxes. Bank fees are charged to the participants account. Checks from international participants must be drawn from a German bank. Bank transfer in EURO only.

Such services as an athlete’s gift, pasta party, registration, timekeeping and extensive catering during and after the competition, safety barriers, finisher shirt, medal, medical assistance, security, online certificate, online result lists, etc. are included in the entry fee.
The first three men and women of the overall ranking OstseeMan113 Glücksburg 2019 are exempt from the entry fee.

A rental ChampionChip (time-recording) will be provided by the organizer and must be worn during the competition. Personal or own chips are not permitted.

Cancellation of registration policy:
Participants have the right to withdraw from registration until May 2nd, 2022. The paid entry fee will be refunded after the deduction of an administrative fee of 60,- Euro.

International participants are required to indicate the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT numbers of their bank account upon cancellation.

No refunds will be made after May 2nd, 2022. It is not possible to postpone an entry to the following year.

Name changes can be requested before July 09th, 2022, directly with Mika Timing.

In case the organizer has to make changes to the course of the event or cancel it completely due to force majeure, official orders or for safety reasons, the organizer is not liable to pay damage or provide refunds to the participant.

Notifications, changes or cancellations are carried out exclusively by Mika timing GmbH, Eventservice-OstseeMan.

Age groups individual competition long distance:
Individual starters according to DTU; Minimum age 18 years

There is no age group ranking for the relay competition.

Relay ranking middle distance
Each relay consists of a swimmer, a cyclist and a runner. Two disciplines can also be completed by one participant. There are rankings for men, women and mixed relays.

Special Rankings

  • North German Championships
    Participants: Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Schleswig-Holstein

Prize money individual competition OstseeMan113 Glücksburg
The first three women and men are being awarded the following prize money per person:
500,- Euro | 400,- Euro | 300,- Euro

Awards middle distance
Every participant who finishes the competition within the total time of 8 hours receives the official OstseeMan113 finisher shirt and a medal. The winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place of the age group rankings will be awarded trophies in addition.

The first three men and women winning the overall ranking are being excluded from the age group rankings.

Entitlement to a finisher shirt as well as a medal and/or trophy expires at the end of the event.

Certificates and result lists will be provided on the internet at and are downloadable and printable.


Mika timing GmbH
Kürtener Straße 11b,
51465 Bergisch Gladbach.

A timing chip (ChampionChip) by the company Mika timing GmbH is used to record the times. It must be worn according to the organizer’s instructions to ensure correct timekeeping. Other transponder systems cannot be considered. In case of failing to return or due to loss of a borrowed timing chip a fee of 50,- EURO will be charged.

Event schedule

Friday, August 05th 2021:

12 pm – 7 pm Pick up Starting documents / Race pack (Issuance in the registration tent in the area of the Sport Expo, near the relay transition zone)
12 pm – 7 pm Sport Expo on the event area in the Kurpark, Glücksburg
5:15 pm Welcome / reception of the athletes and guests at the Rudehalle, Glücksburg
5 pm – 8 pm Pasta-Party at the Rudehalle, Glücksburg

Tickets to the pasta party will be provided with the starting documents based on registration prior to the event.

Saturday, August 06th, 2021:

10 am – 6 pm Pick up Starting documents / Race pack (Issuance in the registration tent in the area of the Sport Expo, near the relay transition zone)
10 am – 6 pm Sport Expo on the event area in the Kurpark, Glücksburg
12 pm – 2 pm Race briefing at the Rudehalle, Glücksburg

3 pm Ostseekids

5 pm Womens Run

2:30 pm – 6 pm Drop off bike, bike bag and run bag in the transition zone in the Kurpark, Glücksburg

Sunday, August 07th, 2021:

6.45 am Start OM
6.55 am Start OM Relay
9.15 am Start OM113
9.20 am Start OM113 Relay

10.00 am – 6 pm Sport Expo at the start-finish-area
9.45 pm Finish line closing
10.20 pm Award ceremony at Rudehalle, Glücksburg

Competition long distance

Swim course
The rolingstart takes place in front of the promenade in Glücksburg. The swim is clockwise on a 1.9 kilometer long rectangular course. After one loop, the athletes leave the water, crossing the beach and making their way to the transition zone. All swimmers are required to swim to the left of the marker buoys. The fastest times are usually under 30 minutes.

Time limit swim: 2 hours 10 minutes

The fast-paced, slightly hilly Bike course leads the athletes mainly close to the water through the scenic countryside of Angeln and Glücksburg.
The course includes many variations for participants, with small ascents and descents. In addition, it is very spectator friendly, making it exciting for family and guests to support their participants. A total of two laps must be completed.

Time limit Swim & bike: 9 hours 30 minutes

The chosen running course in Glücksburg is one of the most beautiful routes in Germany. The long distance running course leads along Glücksburg’s waterfront for about two kilometers. Then the runners head towards the Quellental, via the Beckerswerft finally in a loop passing the sailing school before it leads towards the finish line.

Time limit Swim Bike Run: 15 hours

Transition zone

  • Bike drop off is scheduled for Saturday, August 06th, 2022 from 2:30 pm to 6 pm.
  • The Transition zone will be closed at 9:00 am on the day of the competition and reopen at the start of the competition.

Changing disciplines from Bike to Run takes place in the same transition zone as from Swim to Bike.

Catering during the competition

During the competition, participants will be provided with plenty of water, isotonic drinks, coke, energy bars and bananas. After the competition there will also be provided plenty of food and drinks in the finish area.

On the cycling and running course, energy supplement products are offered in gel and bar form or as a drink.

Self-catering can be provided at designated locations. The athlete himself is responsible for organizing his own care and catering if needed.


Tourist Information Glücksburg
 +49 (0) 4631 451100
Fax: +49 (0) 4631 451800

Tourismus Agentur Flensburger Förde
+49(0) 461-9090920
Fax: +49(0) 461-9090936

Glück in Sicht
Ostseelodges GmbH & Co. KG
Schwennaustraße 37
24960 Glücksburg (Ostsee)
Phone: +49(0) 4631-44435-222

Swim course
Project Manager: Michael Rücker, DLRG
Bike course
Fa. SAT Straßensanierung GmbH
Mr. Dittmer
Project Manager: Karl-Heinz Niedrich, Wolfgang Kessler
Run course
Project Manager: Gerhard Schlaber, Manfred Jensen
Transition area
Project Manager: Werner Sörensen, Wolfgang Kessler, Karl-Heinz Niedrich
Project Manager: Werner Sörensen
Registration Office
Project Manager: Gunda Nielsen, Hartmut Nielsen, Mads-Lennart Nielsen
Project Manager: Ursel Husen, Franka
Andy Kauffmann (The Voice), Maike Jäger (NDR)
Bernhard Vogel, Peter Poppe
Competition Jury / competition Judges
Race referee in charge and referees of SHTU
Organizers Transitioning of disciplines
Issuance Finisher-Shirt
Project Manager: Dirk Naumann
Finish Line
Project Manager: Gunda Nielsen, Mads-Lennart Nielsen, Hartmut Nielsen
Pasta Party
Project Manager: Ursel Husen, Franka
VIP Hosting
Project Manager: Reinhard Husen, Ursel Husen, Karl-Heinz Niedrich
Medical service
Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe e.V. Dienststelle Schleswig

Polizei Glücksburg, Timo Hinrichsen
Operation Controllers (OC) engine house via coordinating control room „North“ Emergency Call
Project Manager: Anja Engelbrechsen-Wiek

THW Sörup
Project Manager: Heiko Petersen
Voluntary Fire Brigades
Project Manager: Fire Commander
Local Fire Departmens Glücksburg, Ringsberg,
Rüde, Bockholm, Amt Langballig,
Flensburg-Engelsby, Tarup,
Jürgensby Bönstrup.
Technical service and support services
Fa. SAT Straßensanierung GmbH
Fa. Elektro Erichsen Glücksburg
Fa. Balzersen Harrislee
Fa. Dammann Absperrungen Buxtehude
Project Manager: Werner Sörensen
Project Manager: Jörg Credo
Flensburg Reservist Comradeship:
Project Manager: Norbert Dethlefs
Massage service
THE SCHOOL for Jobs with a future
Security service:
Project Manager: Herr Fritz
Water Rescue
DLRG Ortsgruppe Glücksburg, Director Michael Rücker
Organizer Transition Tent
Project Manager: Gunda Nielsen, Hartmut Nielsen
Catering Outdoor Area
Project Manager: Broder Hansen
Catering Pavillon (Coffee, Rolls)
Project Manager: Mads-Lennart Nielsen
Motorbike unit
Project Manager:  Michael Günther

Contact Adress

OstseeMan Marketing und Event GmbH,
Libellenring 6, 24955 Harrislee

Telefon: +49 (0) 46 31 – 6 21 91
Telefax: +49 (0) 46 31 – 40 69 43

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