OstseeMan Triathlon Glücksburg 2023

Date: 06. August 2023

OstseeMan Marketing und Event GmbH,
Libellenring 6, 24955 Harrislee

Individual- and Relay competition:
Race course overview 

Competition Rules:
Except for special cases, the event is based mainly on the competition rules of the German Triathlon Union (sports regulations, organizers regulations, Bundesliga rules, anti-doping code, judges’ regulations), as well as the legal and procedural regulations and the disciplinary regulations. By registering, the participant accepts the competition requirements, the legal and procedural regulations, the disciplinary regulations and the general terms and conditions. Each participant is responsible for the technical safety of his equipment and has to ensure it complies with the rules. Special arrangements will be announced at the race briefing.

General Information:
The following terms and conditions regulate the legal relations between the participants and the organizer of the OstseeMan Triathlon Glücksburg. Responsible organizer of the event is the organizing team of OstseeMan Marketing und Event GmbH. The following terms and conditions (AGB‘s) in their valid version at the time of registration or in their current version if it/this is more advantageous for the participants, shall exclusively apply to the business relationship between OstseeMan Marketing und Event GmbH (hereafter organizer) and the participants.

Deviating conditions will not be acknowledged, unless the organizer has expressively consented in writing beforehand.

Participation is only possible for holders of:

  • triathlon license of his national triathlon federation or
  • one-day license.

A one-day license can be purchased for 30,- EURO upon registration for the event. Individual starters are eligible to start at the age of 18 on the day of the event.

  • The minimum age for participation in the relay competition is
    • Swimming:           14 years
    • Cycling:                 18 years
    • Running:               18 years

Relay registrations do not require triathlon licenses or one-day licenses.

Online registration only:

The payment of the entry fee is only possible online. A contract with the organizer is only concluded when the entry fee has been received by the service provider TIME2WIN GmbH commissioned for the payment processing and the name of the participant appears on the entry list.

Entry Fee Payments/Methods of Payment:

The entry fee can be paid in the following way

  • SEPA – Direct Debit: Issue of direct debit authorization for the service provider TIME2WIN GmbH commissioned by the organizer (registrations Germany and Austria)
  • Credit card payment (Visa/Mastercard) only for participants who are not from Germany or Austria and in exceptional cases

For participants without a German bank account, credit card payment (Visa/Mastercard) is possible.

Registration closing date: July 02, 2023
(late registrations are not possible)
Important: as soon as the limit of registrations is reached, the registration lists will be closed. Subsequently, the organizer will set up a waiting list.

Entry fees:

until 01.09.2022 until 31.12.2022 from 01.01.2023
Early Bird Advance booking Regular booking
Individual registration* 375,- EUR 390,- EUR 430,- EUR
Relay registration* 400,- EUR 425,- EUR 450,- EUR

*Prize per participant/per relay (with 3 starters)

The entry fee includes participation in the

  • Triathlon competition OstseeMan
  • Optional participation in one of the special competitions,
    among others OstseeMan Military Competition
  • Services: among others athlete gift, finisher shirt, medal
  • A voucher for the pasta party
  • Online certificate

In addition, the OstseeMan Triathlon provides the participant management, timing, extensive catering during and after the race, barrier measures, medical care, security service, online results lists, etc. free of charge.

Additional costs

  • One-day license                        30,- EUR
  • Pasta party ticket for guests    18,- EUR
    (includes pasta, salad, water, Steinmeier fruit juices)

With each registration, participants in the individual competition can purchase a maximum of two additional and participants in the relay competition can purchase a maximum of three additional Pasta Party tickets. Pasta distribution is guaranteed until 8:00 pm. After that, any claim expires and it is “while stocks last”.

All prices are in EURO and include valid VAT, license and association fees. Bank charges are at the expense of the participant. Cheques cannot be accepted.

Changes, cancellations or transfer of the registered starting place

i.) Right of withdrawal
Participants have the right to withdraw from the competition for a limited period of time. The registration fee paid will be refunded after deduction of an administrative fee. The administrative fee for a withdrawal amounts to

– until 28.02.2023                      60,00 EUR
– from 01.03. – 05.05.2023       80,00 EUR

After 05 May 2023, withdrawal with refund is not possible.

Foreign participants are requested to indicate IBAN and BIC/SWIFT with the cancellation.

ii.) Postponement of the starting place to the following year
is possible in agreement with the organizer for a fee of 60,00 EUR.

iii.) Exchange of participants
The transfer of the starting place or a starting place exchange require the agreement of the organizer and are possible until 09 July 2023 directly via Time2Win.

iv.) Change from the long distance to the middle distance
possible in consultation with the organizer. In case of changes of registrations a flat rate of 30,- EUR in administration costs will be charged per transaction. However, the participant will be refunded the price difference of the entry fee paid by him at the time of the change valid entry fee of the middle distance.

v.) Changes of the registration
Are possible until 02.07.2023 for a fee of 30,00 EUR. Later changes are only possible on the race weekend in the registration office.

Cancellations, re-registrations or registration changes will only be made by Time2Win GmbH.

Event cancellation
If the organizer has to make changes in the course of the event or cancel it completely due to force majeure, official orders or for safety reasons, the following applies:

Event cancellation

– until 28.02.2023                                                        repayment of the participant fee
– from 01.03. until the beginning of the event          carry-over to the following year

Age groups individual competition long distance:
Individual starters according to DTU; Minimum age 18 years

There is no age group ranking for the relay competition.

Team ranking long distance
Each team consists of participants of the same gender. The three best participants of a club will be scored. An additional team registration by name is therefore not necessary. However, the club/association, including any abbreviations, must be indicated in the registration.

Relay ranking long distance

Each relay consists of one swimmer, one cyclist and one runner. Two disciplines can also be completed by one participant. Women’s, men’s and mixed relays will be held.

Special rankings long distance

  1. OstseeMan Military Competition for members of all armed forces and all branches of arms
  2. Company ranking relays (overall ranking) 1st to 3rd place for the NOSPA Cup
  3. Police Championship
  4. „Danish ranking”: Special ranking of the fastest individual male and female starters with Danish nationality.

Prize money individual competition OstseeMan long distance
The first three women and men are being awarded the following prize money per person:
1500,- Euro | 750,- Euro | 500,- Euro

Additional bonus long distance

The winner men with a time under nine hours and winner women with a time under ten hours will receive a bonus of 500,- EUR each. The bonus is linked to the victory. This also applies if several athletes beat the time.

Course record OstseeMan long distance

For the improvement of the course records, the winner and the female winner will receive an additional bonus of 500,- EUR. The bonus is bound to the victory. This also applies if several athletes beat the time. If the course is a new one, this scoring is not applicable.

Awards long distance

Every participant who finishes the race within the total time of 15 hours will receive the official OstseeMan Finisher-Shirt as well as a medal. The first place in the age groups men and women will additionally receive a cup. The first three men and women of the overall ranking are excluded from the age group ranking.

Certificates and result lists will be posted on the Internet at after the finish and can be downloaded and printed.

Prize money relay long distance

The winning relay teams men, women and mixed will receive a prize money of
200,- EUR EACH. Cups will be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place. A claim to a cup expires with the end of the event.

will be done by

Unterhaidach 9
4693 Desselbrunn

Time recording/transponder

For the recording of the times a transponder will be used, which will be provided by the organizer and has to be worn during the competition according to the organizer’s instructions, in order to ensure a correct time measurement. Own chips are not allowed.

Each participant is obliged to return the timing transponder to the organizer’s return points after the end of the race.

Return points are located, in the info tent and in the catering area (marked by signs). If the transponder is not returned, the organizer will charge a fee of Euro 80,00. This fee will be collected by TIME2WIN GmbH after the event by direct debit. If the transponder cannot be returned immediately after the event for an important reason, it can be returned by mail to the organizer’s address until August 12, 2023.

Issue of starting numbers

Each participant must collect the starting documents in person and be in possession of a valid start passport, which must be shown at the issuing point or at other controls on the part of the organization together with the identity card/passport. Otherwise a day license must be purchased.

Prohibition to start and disqualification

The registration of an athlete can be rejected or a starting ban can be issued if an athlete disturbs the event, behaves in a disturbing way already before the start of the event, violates competition rules or if it is foreseeable due to the behavior that he will cause such disturbances. The organizer also has the right to refuse participation at any time due to ongoing doping proceedings or a legally binding ban. Furthermore, any violation of the competition rules will result in the disqualification of the participant. Participants disqualified for obvious cheating will not be allowed to start for the following two years.

Catering during the competition

During the competition, participants will be adequately provided with water, isotonic drinks, cola, energy bars and bananas. Also after the race there will be enough drinks and food available in the finish area.

On the bike and run course, energy supplement products will be offered in gel and bar form or as a drink.

Self-catering can be served at designated places. The care and supply must be organized by the athletes themselves.

Event schedule

Friday, 04 August 2023:

12:00 noon – 7:00 p.m. Issue of starting documents
(Issue in the registration tent in the area of the Sport Expo/near the relay change zone)

12:00 noon – 7:00 p.m. Sport Expo on the event area in the Kurpark

5:00 p.m. Welcome/reception of athletes and guests in the Rudehalle in Glücksburg

5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Pasta party in the Rudehalle in Glücksburg
(Depending on the registration you will receive the tickets for the Pasta Party at the registration desk.

Saturday, 05 August 2023:

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Issue of starting documents
(Issue in the registration tent in the area of the Sport Expo/near the relay change zone)

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sport Expo on the event area in the Kurpark

12:00 Noon – 2:00 p.m. Race briefing in the Rudehalle in Glücksburg

3:00 p.m. OstseeKids

5:00 p.m. Women’s Run

2:30 – 6:00 p.m. Bike and clothes bag drop-off in the transition area in the Kurpark

Sunday, 06 August 2023:

05:00 a.m. – 06:30 a.m. Transition zone LD open

06:20 a.m. – 06:30 a.m. swim-in LD

06:45 a.m. Start OM LD single starters

06:55 a.m. Start OM LD relay

07:30 – 09:30 a.m. transition zone MD open

08:45 – 09:00 a.m. swim-in MD

09:15 a.m. Start 1st start block OM113 MD

09:20 a.m. Start 2nd start block OM 113 MD

09:25 a.m. Start 3rd start block OM 113 MD

09:30 a.m. Start OM 113 Relay

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sport Expo in the start-finish area

09:45 p.m. finish line

10:20 p.m. Award ceremony Rudehalle Glücksburg

Competition long distance

Swim course:
The rolingstart takes place in front of the promenade in Glücksburg. The swim is clockwise on a 1.9 kilometer long rectangular course. After one loop, the athletes leave the water, crossing the beach and making their way to the transition zone. All swimmers are required to swim to the left of the marker buoys. The fastest times are usually under 30 minutes.

Time limit swim: 2 hours 10 minutes

Bike course:
The fast-paced, slightly hilly bike course leads the athletes mainly close to the water through the scenic countryside of Angeln and Glücksburg.
The course includes many variations for participants, with small ascents and descents. In addition, it is very spectator friendly, making it exciting for family and guests to support their participants. A total of two laps must be completed.

Time limit Swim & bike: 9 hours 30 minutes

To the bike course

Running course:
The running course in Glücksburg is one of the most beautiful running courses in triathlon.

On the long distance
6 laps a 7.03 km,

on the middle distance
3 rounds of 7.03 km.

After the start the course leads 1 km along the spa promenade directly at the water. In Schwennau the course leads past the restaurant Glückselig, over the Blocksberg, the Schwennaustr. in the direction of Glückburg old town, to the turning point 1. Afterwards the course follows the course of the Schausender Weg. After 900 m the route turns left to Strandweg. Over 3 km the course then leads again directly along the water on the Strandweg and the promenade to Quellental. With a loop through the Flensburger Segel-Club (turning point 2) it goes back. Again passing the start and finish, it goes into the next running lap and later into the finish.

Time limit Swim Bike Run: 15 hours

To the run course

Transition zone

  • Bike drop off is scheduled for Saturday, August 05th, 2023 from 2:30 pm to 6 pm.
  • The Transition zone will be closed at 06:30 am on the day of the competition and reopened at the start of the competition.

Changing disciplines from Bike to Run takes place in the same transition zone as from Swim to Bike.


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