The OstseeMan keeps on running…

From the current MoinMoin weekly newspaper:

It’s about time to swim, cycle and run again. And that with a reliable planning commitment of another two years. The three main sponsors, Flensburger Brauerei, LBS Bausparkasse Schleswig-Holstein-Hamburg and Nord-Ostsee-Sparkasse (Nospa) extended their contract with organizer Reinhard Husen. “We have been partners from the very beginning and have been fully convinced ever since the founding, alongside side Reinhard Husen, who with his idealism and true passion has turned a small idea into something really big for the north. Thousands of people are enthusiastic about this sporting event and thereby get to know our region and our “Flens” beer. Thanks to ‘our OstseeMan’ Stefan Hamer, Flens even made it to Hawaii”, says a delighted Andreas Tembrockhaus, Managing Director of Flensburger Brauerei. “With endurance and willpower, one can not only reach the finish line of the OstseeMan, one can also manage to establish such a great sporting event on a permanent basis”, says Nospa-CEO Thomas Menke. “From the Flensburg Fjord, the great OstseeMan Triathlon is known beyond borders and extremely popular with athletes. Set in a dreamlike scenery, an atmospheric get-together and a fair competition for triathletes from all over the world is being offered.” adds Jens Grelle, CEO of LBS Bausparkasse. “The Ironman Hawaii is known for its distinctive wind. We, on the other hand, have the Baltic Sea – that is a real challenge, even among experienced triathletes. It is a good feeling to know that you can rely on strong partners”, says Reinhard Husen joyfully, who founded the event 20 years ago.

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